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wrzesień, 2019

2019wt10wrz18:1518:45Society or Community: An Introduction to the Concept of Community in the Thought of Karol Wojtylamgr Brian Panasiak (Katolicki Uniwersytet Lubelski Jana Pawla II)18:15 - 18:45 CTW-102 (Centrum Transferu Wiedzy) organizator: Sekcja Gości Zagranicznych/Foreign Guest Section


“In Karol Wojtyla’s magnus opus The Acting Person, the author presents a term that is unique to both his anthrolopoligical and social philosophy, the term “community.” With this term, Karol Wojtyla creates a system for describing the transcendent relationship between individual human persons, and goes further to describe how this concept of “community” should be the basis of all human relations, both of those on the micro and macro levels.
This puts the thought of Wojtyla at odds with many other “social” philosophers who develop their concept of inter-human relationships upon a myriad set of concepts that either put the inter-human relationship before the human person, or deny transcendence as having a part to any kind of inter-human action. The origin of society as proposed by Hobbes and Rosseau both give evidence to this.
This paper presents the dichotomy found between Wojtyla’s concept of “communty” and the concept of “society” as presented by other philosophers, particularly Hobbes, Rosseau, and Marx. This paper achieves this through an analyses of where the respective philosopher places the origin and nature of human relations, and argues the superiority of the transcendent relations of community as proposed by Karol Wojtyla. From this, the paper concludes that any human society should be based on a “community” similar to that of Karol Wojtyla, and that the absence of such an orientation leads to subsequent anthropological mistakes.”

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(Wtorek) 18:15 - 18:45


CTW-102 (Centrum Transferu Wiedzy)


Sekcja Gości Zagranicznych/Foreign Guest SectionPrzewodnicząca Sekcji: dr hab. Agnieszka Lekka-Kowalik, prof. KUL
Sekretarz Sekcji: mgr Marcin Grabowski (KUL)

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