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wrzesień, 2019

2019wt10wrz17:0017:30Fr Mieczysław Albert Krąpiec: the historical context of the publication of his opus magnum Ja-człowiekMichael Konye 17:00 - 17:30 CTW-102 (Centrum Transferu Wiedzy) organizator: Sekcja Gości Zagranicznych/Foreign Guest Section


Some sixty years ago, after the second world war, the need to respond to one of many anthropological reductionisms arose in the communist-controlled People’s Republic of Poland. Mieczysław Albert Krąpiec rose to the challenge of researching for the metaphysical foundations of the considerations of the philosophy of man which will be adequate to enter into dialogue with the materialistic, positivistic, and phenomenological reductionism of the human being, as promoted by the prevalent Marxist ideologies in the then post-world war II Poland.
His efforts paid off and fruits of his research project were already being harvested as far back as the 1979, when the first edition of Krąpiec’s “Ja-Człowiek. Zarys antropologii filozoficznej” was published in Polish. Four years later, M. Lescoe, A. Woznicki and T. Sandok had translated this work into English under the title “I-Man: An Outline of Philosophical Anthropology”.
This paper demonstrates that the need for a retrieval of the transcendence of human person in opposition to the Marxists materialistic reductionisms was at the canter of the new philosophical response of the Lublin School of Philosophy to the cultural-ideological propaganda launched by the Marxist-oriented educational policies of the government of Republic of Poland after the Second World War.

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(Wtorek) 17:00 - 17:30


CTW-102 (Centrum Transferu Wiedzy)


Sekcja Gości Zagranicznych/Foreign Guest SectionPrzewodnicząca Sekcji: dr hab. Agnieszka Lekka-Kowalik, prof. KUL
Sekretarz Sekcji: mgr Marcin Grabowski (KUL)

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